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# Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
1266 Redmine Feature New Feature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones 2024-02-21 06:02 Roadmap Actions
5905 Redmine Defect Closed "Due date" from a ticket is readonly after adding a new subticket -- > 1.0.0 RC is missing in "Affected version" 2010-07-19 22:30 Issues Actions
1777 Redmine Feature Closed Allow %2650 in Wiki to display and linke the Title of the Ticket (next to #2650 2018-12-02 15:05 Text formatting Actions
11283 Redmine Defect Closed Adding time to an issue where a custom field regexp doesn't match adds the time spent twice 2016-08-21 08:18 Time tracking Actions
1100 Redmine Feature New Custom Fields should have a Flag "Show in compressed Issueheader" 2011-03-29 14:25 Custom fields Actions
7161 Redmine Patch Closed New german strings 2010-12-30 16:38 Translations Actions
6198 Redmine Patch Closed Updated german translation 2010-08-24 17:30 Translations Actions
5982 Redmine Patch Closed Updated german translation 2010-07-29 17:51 Translations Actions
2534 Redmine Defect Closed Sorting Tickets for Target Version does not work in Saved search over all projects 2009-11-22 15:14 Actions
2479 Redmine Defect Closed "Edit" Comment clears the text of the comment (it gets hidden). reloading the page shows the text again 2009-01-12 18:55 Actions
1316 Redmine Feature Closed Feature: It should be possible to set a comment of an issue as "done" 2008-06-17 22:53 Actions
1097 Redmine Defect Closed In the german version, Closing a Ticket with SVN doesn't set it to 100% 2008-04-24 16:43 Actions

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