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# Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
40831 Redmine Defect New The icon-ok/icon-error png is not shown in the administration/information page 2024-06-20 14:01 Administration Actions
38512 Redmine Defect Confirmed Email Notifications: offending header 2024-06-20 16:53 Website ( Actions
40763 Redmine Defect New Images missing from PDF Export 2024-06-21 04:44 PDF export Actions
40795 Redmine Defect New Can display 32 bit depth image in exported pdf file 2024-06-21 09:58 PDF export Actions
18830 Redmine Defect New Workflow always "current state" not working 2024-06-21 14:43 Issues workflow Actions
33017 Redmine Feature New Complete documentation of news REST API 2024-06-24 08:12 Documentation Actions
40890 Redmine Feature New Show project changes on 'Activity' page 2024-06-24 08:55 Projects Actions
40860 Redmine Defect Resolved Creating a new issue fails with an internal error if no issue priorities are defined 2024-06-25 04:16 Issues Actions
40901 Redmine Feature New Disable custom query links while loading to prevent multiple requests 2024-06-25 04:45 UI Actions
40913 Redmine Feature New Add bulk lock feature to user list context menu 2024-06-25 08:15 Administration Actions
36197 Redmine Feature New Make the default behavior of copying attachments configurable when copying an issue 2024-06-25 10:49 Issues Actions
40829 Redmine Feature New Expose project updated_on column and filter in project query 2024-06-25 13:42 Projects Actions
40914 Redmine Defect New Rounding error in my/page -> timelog 2024-06-25 14:20 Time tracking Actions
40915 Redmine Defect New Tarefa Teste 2024-06-25 16:52 Activity view Actions
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