Feature #34556

Updated by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago

Currently, the "Watchers" section in the new issue form shows up to the first 20 members of the project. I think it would be better if the fixed number is configurable on the Administration page. 

 Use cases: 
 * Suppose a team with 21 persons (slightly over the maximum number of watchers, 20). When you creating a new issue, you can never see the checkboxes even if you wanted to. The problem can be addressed if an admin can increase the maximum number of watchers to 21 or more 
 * I sometimes get requests from my customers that they don't want to see a checkbox to add a watcher. In such a case, they can set the setting to 0 to hide the checkboxes and always use the "Search for watchers to add" feature to add watchers 

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