Patch #21947

Updated by Jan from Planio over 8 years ago

Some theme developers (or even Redmine core, see below) may wish to put the project breadcrumbs within the page header title on a separate line, see screenshots attached. 

 Patch 0001 will add some extra span elements which make this possible for theme CSS. It also improves XSS resilience by using the @safe_join@ helper instead of manually declaring strings @.html_safe@, see "here": and "here": "here": This patch shouldn't change things for existing themes and could therefore applied to core without any doubt, IMHO. 

 Patch 0002 actually changes Redmine's core CSS to take advantage of this and display the breadcrumbs on a separate line. I feel it looks better this way, but I realize that this is just my opinion, so I would see this patch as optional and up for discussion. 


 {{thumbnail(Overview - Sub-Subproject with a very long name - Redmine 2016-02-04 14-50-43.png,size=600)}} 


 {{thumbnail(Overview - Sub-Subproject with a very long name - Redmine 2016-02-04 14-51-33.png,size=600)}}