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Author: Alex Shulgin
Code repository: git://
Registered on: 2011-03-05 (almost 13 years ago)
Current version: 0.0.1
Compatible with: Redmine 1.1.x
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A real pastebin plugin for redmine. At last!

A pastebin is a convenient place for developers to share pieces of code, diffs and other text snippets.

Syntax highlighting is currently handled by the CodeRay plugin (shipped with redmine.)

When installed and enabled for a project, the plugin adds two new project-level menu items: "Pastes" which lists all pastes on a project, and "New Paste" which allows users with proper permissions to add new pastes to the project. This is really similar to the "Issues"/"New Issue" menu items. The pastes ids are global per redmine install just like with the issues.

The permissions are separated to view, add, edit and delete pastes. This allows for fine-grained control of what people on a project (or outside of it) can do to the pastes. Typically you would want to allow everyone to view pastes on public projects, allow reporters and non-members to add pastes and give the permission to edit and/or delete pastes only to project members/managers.

Installation notes

As usual:

script/plugin install ...
rake db:migrate_plugins

Don't forget to setup roles permissions in the Pastes section.


0.0.1 (2011-03-05)

Compatible with Redmine 1.1.x.