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Harvest Timelog

Plugin which integrates Redmine Timelog with Harvest app (

After you have completed the Installation and configuration of the plugin, when you enter a timelog in redmine, it will also post the timelog to Harvest with the same ...

By Benjamin Wong


Redmine Freshbooks

Redmine-Freshbooks integrates Freshbooks timelogging into Redmine. It allows for time entered into the time log in Redmine to be synced to a company Freshbooks account. Staff assignments are adhered to so that only those assigned to the Freshbooks proj...

By Dan Seaver



All Time Team Plugin

This plugin show you your team activity.

  • Today's team activity summary
  • Hard worker ranking
  • Working hours per version

By Dai Fujihara



Roadmaps Plugin

This plugin show you all roadmaps. If you set subproject, Roadmaps Plugin will display project and subproject roadmaps.

By Dai Fujihara



Parking Lot Chart Plugin

Parking Lot Chart Plugin is a plugin for Kanban practice. The version in the project is displayed by the card format.

By Dai Fujihara



Redmine Buildbot

Redmine Buildbot

This plugin provides a simple integration of Buildbot jobs into Redmine. It uses the XMLRPC interface of Buildbot to fetch the data and add it to the database.


  • Wor...

By Christoph Kappel



Notifo notifications

Plugin which integrates Notifo push notifications with Redmine. When an issue is created or updated you will receive push notifications.

By Daniel Lehmann



R Graphs

Render R graphics from inline R code on wiki pages

By Christoph Dwertmann


Wiki UNC Link

This plugin provides a macro ‘unc’ to make a link to your server share.

By Takashi Oguma




Automatically sets a wiki page's parent page based on its name.

For example:
  • HowTo>ManageYourTeam will be a child page of HowTo
  • HowTo>ManageYourTeam>TheHardWay will be a child page of HowTo>ManageYourTeam
  • You don't have...

By Shinya Maeyama


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