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Ultraviolet Syntax Highlighting

Replaces the default source code syntax highlighting engine (CodeRay) with Ultraviolet, which supports over 157 different syntaxes, as well as customizable colour themes!

Ultraviolet is based on Textmate's syntax files, so you can highlight anything...

By Chris Gahan



Mac OS X Identity Services authentication

Redmine plugin for using Mac OS X Identity Services to authenticate with directory services, such as Active Directory.

By Brian Wells



Timesheet extensions

Furnishes some extensions to time tracking and management (see GitHub wiki for more details).

By Nicola Randestadt


Issue History

Add description history to issues. You can diff current version of description with previous versions

By Aleksander Palyan



This plugin provides email alerts when an issue had not been updated since X days.

By chantra .


New Issue Alerts

Redmine NewIssueAlerts is a Redmine plugin that sends an email to specified email addresses when a new issue is logged

By chantra .



GitRevision Download

This plugin adds a download link to Redmine's built-in Git repository browser.

You will have to enable it per project. Also permission have to be granted, the default is that nobody can access it.

It works given a commit sha, a branch name or a tag.

By chantra .


Redmine Local Avatars

Display local avatars in Redmine.

This plugin allows Redmine users to upload a picture to be used as
an avatar (instead of depending on images from Gravatar).

Users can set their image through the /my/account page. The administrator can also man...

By Luca Pireddu


Diff Emails

This plugin sends diff emails for each changeset pushed to a repository.

This project is a fork of genbit/redmine_diff_email by Sergey Generalov (originally by Lamar) with modifications made to have a better email format.

By Kah Seng Tay


Gitolite Hook

Allow your Redmine installation to be notified when changes have been pushed to a Gitolite server repository.

By Kah Seng Tay


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