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SCM extensions

Main features of the plugin:

  • Add 3 actions in repository views: "upload files", "new folder" and "delete file/folder". Right now, only subversion and filesystem SCM are supported...
  • Add a new macro scm_show to include repository inside a wiki p...

By Arnaud Martel



Equipment Status Viewer

Equipment Status Viewer is a Redmine plugin that tracks the location of equipment. It uses a check in system to track where each item is. It can also print out a QRCode label that your iPhone or Andriod phone can snap and check in quickly.

By Devin Weaver



Redmine Ical aims to provide an ical/ics feed or export of issues and versions to be imported into/subscribed from a calendaring software.

This plugin is originally based on the Redmics Plugin, but is a near-compl...

By Felix Schäfer



A doodle module for redmine, a doodle in this case being a collection of simple yes-no questions. The Doodles currently generates an activity entry on creation and answer creation/update, are watchable (i.e. watchers get a notification each time a user...

By Felix Schäfer


Outlook Attachment Preview

This plugin to Redmine parses Microsoft Outlook MSG
file attachments within an issues attachment list. These attachments can then
be opened and viewed directly within Redmine without needing an instance of
Outlook installed on your local machine.

By Alex Bevilacqua


QA Contact

This plugin provides basic support for a QA Contact field on issues. Issue Categories can have a default QA Contact much like they have a default assignee.

By Aja Hammerly



Snippets from Snipt

This plugin add a wiki macro to Redmine so you can embed a snippet from Snipt server (i.e. into a wiki page.

You can use it by adding the macro {{snipt(ID)}}, where ID is the id number of the snippet at the Snipt server.

By Juanje Ojeda Croissier



Ultraviolet Syntax Highlighting

Replaces the default source code syntax highlighting engine (CodeRay) with Ultraviolet, which supports over 157 different syntaxes, as well as customizable colour themes!

Ultraviolet is based on Textmate's syntax files, so you can highlight anything...

By Chris Gahan



Mac OS X Identity Services authentication

Redmine plugin for using Mac OS X Identity Services to authenticate with directory services, such as Active Directory.

By Brian Wells



Timesheet extensions

Furnishes some extensions to time tracking and management (see GitHub wiki for more details).

By Nicola Randestadt


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