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Code-Hervorhebung unterstützter Sprachen

Das standardmäßige Hervorheben von Code basiert seit Redmine 4.0.0 auf Rouge. Es unterstützt über 200 Sprachen. Informationen zum Hervorheben von Code finden Sie unter DeRedmineTextFormattingTextile oder DeRedmineTextFormattingMarkdown.

Hier ist eine Liste der unterstützten Sprachen von Rouge 4.2.0, das mit Redmine 5.1.0 gebündelt ist. Sie können eine Liste auch abrufen, indem Sie bundle exec rougify list im Installationsverzeichnis von Redmine ausführen.

Sprache Beschreibung (englisch)
abap SAP - Advanced Business Application Programming
actionscript ActionScript [aliases: as,as3]
ada The Ada 2012 programming language
apache configuration files for Apache web server
apex The Apex programming language (provided by salesforce)
apiblueprint Markdown based API description language. [aliases: apiblueprint,apib]
applescript The AppleScript scripting language by Apple Inc. ( ( [aliases: applescript]
armasm Arm assembly syntax
augeas The Augeas programming language ( [aliases: aug]
awk pattern-directed scanning and processing language
batchfile Windows Batch File [aliases: bat,batch,dosbatch,winbatch]
bbcbasic BBC BASIC syntax
bibtex BibTeX [aliases: bib]
biml BIML, Business Intelligence Markup Language
bpf BPF bytecode syntax
brainfuck The Brainfuck programming language
brightscript BrightScript Programming Language ( [aliases: bs,brs]
bsl The 1C:Enterprise programming language
c The C programming language
ceylon Say more, more clearly.
cfscript CFScript, the CFML scripting language [aliases: cfc]
cisco_ios Cisco IOS configuration lexer
clean The Clean programming language (
clojure The Clojure programming language ( [aliases: clj,cljs]
cmake The cross-platform, open-source build system
cmhg RISC OS C module header generator source file
codeowners Code Owners syntax (
coffeescript The Coffeescript programming language ( [aliases: coffee,coffee-script]
common_lisp The Common Lisp variant of Lisp ( [aliases: cl,common-lisp,elisp,emacs-lisp,lisp]
conf A generic lexer for configuration files [aliases: config,configuration]
console A generic lexer for shell sessions. Accepts ?lang and ?output lexer options, a ?prompt option, ?comments to enable # comments, and ?error to handle error messages. [aliases: terminal,shell_session,shell-session,terminal,shell_session,shell-session] terminal,shell_session,shell-session]
coq Coq (
cpp The C++ programming language [aliases: c++,c++] c++]
crystal Crystal The Programming Language ( [aliases: cr]
csharp a multi-paradigm language targeting .NET [aliases: c#,cs]
css Cascading Style Sheets, used to style web pages
csvs The CSV Schema Language (
cuda Compute Unified Device Architecture, used for programming with NVIDIA GPU
cypher The Cypher query language ( [aliases: cypher]
cython Cython and Pyrex source code ( [aliases: pyx,pyrex]
d The D programming language( [aliases: dlang]
dafny The Dafny programming language (
dart The Dart programming language ( (
datastudio Datastudio scripting language
diff Lexes unified diffs or patches [aliases: patch,udiff]
digdag A simple, open source, multi-cloud workflow engine (
docker Dockerfile syntax [aliases: dockerfile,Dockerfile]
dot graph description language [aliases: graphviz]
ecl Enterprise Control Language (
eex Embedded Elixir [aliases: leex,heex] leex]
eiffel Eiffel programming language
elixir Elixir language ( [aliases: elixir,exs]
elm The Elm programming language (
email An email message [aliases: eml,e-mail]
epp Embedded Puppet template files
erb Embedded ruby template files [aliases: eruby,rhtml]
erlang The Erlang programming language ( [aliases: erl]
escape A generic lexer for including escaped content - see Formatter.enable_escape! [aliases: esc]
factor Factor, the practical stack language (
fluent Fluent localization files [aliases: ftl]
fortran Fortran 2008 (free-form)
freefem The FreeFEM programming language ( [aliases: ff]
fsharp F# (
gdscript The Godot Engine programming language ( [aliases: gd,gdscript]
ghc-cmm GHC Cmm is the intermediate representation of the GHC Haskell compiler [aliases: cmm]
ghc-core Intermediate representation of the GHC Haskell compiler.
gherkin A business-readable spec DSL ( [aliases: cucumber,behat]
glsl The GLSL shader language
go The Go programming language ( [aliases: go,golang]
gradle A powerful build system for the JVM
graphql GraphQL
groovy The Groovy programming language (
hack The Hack programming language ( [aliases: hack,hh]
haml The Haml templating system for Ruby ( [aliases: HAML]
handlebars the Handlebars and Mustache templating languages [aliases: hbs,mustache]
haskell The Haskell programming language ( [aliases: hs]
haxe Haxe Cross-platform Toolkit ( [aliases: hx,haxe]
hcl Hashicorp Configuration Language, used by Terraform and other Hashicorp tools
hlsl HLSL, the High Level Shading Language for DirectX (
hocon Human-Optimized Config Object Notation (
hql Hive Query Language SQL dialect
html HTML, the markup language of the web
http http requests and responses
hylang The HyLang programming language ( [aliases: hy]
idlang Interactive Data Language
idris The Idris programming language ( [aliases: idr]
igorpro WaveMetrics Igor Pro
ini the INI configuration format
io The IO programming language (
irb Shell sessions in IRB or Pry [aliases: pry]
isabelle Isabelle theories ( [aliases: isa,Isabelle]
isbl The ISBL programming language
j The J programming language (
janet The Janet programming language ( [aliases: jdn]
java The Java programming language (
javascript JavaScript, the browser scripting language [aliases: js,js] js]
jinja Django/Jinja template engine ( [aliases: django,django] django]
jsl The JMP Scripting Language (JSL) (
json JavaScript Object Notation (
json-doc JavaScript Object Notation with extensions for documentation [aliases: jsonc]
jsonnet An elegant, formally-specified config language for JSON
jsp JSP
jsx An XML-like syntax extension to JavaScript ( [aliases: jsx,react,jsx,react] jsx,react]
julia The Julia programming language [aliases: jl]
kotlin Kotlin Programming Language (
lasso The Lasso programming language ( [aliases: lassoscript]
lean The Lean programming language ( [aliases: lean]
liquid Liquid is a templating engine for Ruby (
literate_coffeescript Literate coffeescript [aliases: litcoffee]
literate_haskell Literate haskell [aliases: lithaskell,lhaskell,lhs]
livescript LiveScript, a language which compiles to JavaScript ( [aliases: ls]
llvm The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure (
lua Lua (
lustre The Lustre programming language (Verimag)
lutin The Lutin programming language (Verimag)
m68k Motorola 68k Assembler
magik Smallworld Magik
make Makefile syntax [aliases: makefile,mf,gnumake,bsdmake]
markdown Markdown, a light-weight markup language for authors [aliases: md,mkd,md,mkd] md,mkd]
mason The HTML::Mason framework (
mathematica Wolfram Mathematica, the world's definitive system for modern technical computing. [aliases: wl]
matlab Matlab [aliases: m]
meson Meson's specification language (
minizinc MiniZinc is a free and open-source constraint modeling language (
moonscript Moonscript ( [aliases: moon]
mosel An optimization language used by Fico's Xpress.
msgtrans RISC OS message translator messages file
mxml MXML
nasm Netwide Assembler
nesasm Nesasm3 assembly (6502 asm) [aliases: nes]
nginx configuration files for the nginx web server (
nial The Nial programming language (
nim The Nim programming language ( [aliases: nimrod]
nix The Nix expression language ( [aliases: nixos]
objective_c an extension of C commonly used to write Apple software [aliases: objc,obj-c,obj_c,objectivec]
objective_cpp an extension of C++ uncommonly used to write Apple software [aliases: objcpp,obj-cpp,obj_cpp,objectivecpp,objc++,obj-c++,obj_c++,objectivec++]
ocaml Objective Caml (
ocl OMG Object Constraint Language ( [aliases: OCL]
openedge The OpenEdge ABL programming language [aliases: abl]
opentype_feature_file Feature specifications for an OpenType font ( [aliases: fea,opentype,opentypefeature]
pascal a procedural programming language commonly used as a teaching language.
perl The Perl scripting language ( [aliases: pl]
php The PHP scripting language ( [aliases: php,php3,php4,php5,php,php3,php4,php5] php,php3,php4,php5]
plaintext A boring lexer that doesn't highlight anything [aliases: text]
plist plist [aliases: plist]
plsql Procedural Language Structured Query Language for Oracle relational database
postscript The PostScript language ( [aliases: postscr,postscript,ps,eps]
powershell powershell [aliases: posh,microsoftshell,msshell]
praat The Praat scripting language (
prolog The Prolog programming language ( [aliases: prolog]
prometheus prometheus [aliases: prometheus]
properties .properties config files for Java
protobuf Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data [aliases: proto]
puppet The Puppet configuration management language ( [aliases: pp]
python The Python programming language ( [aliases: py,py] py]
q The Q programming language ( [aliases: kdb+]
qml QML, a UI markup language [aliases: qml]
r The R statistics language ( [aliases: r,R,s,S]
racket Racket is a Lisp descended from Scheme (
reasonml New syntax on top of OCaml ecosystem (
rego The Rego open-policy-agent (OPA) policy language (
rescript The ReScript programming language (
rml A system agnostic domain-specific language for runtime monitoring and verification (
robot_framework Robot Framework is a generic open source automation testing framework ( [aliases: robot,robot-framework]
ruby The Ruby programming language ( [aliases: rb,rb] rb]
rust The Rust programming language ( [aliases: rs,rust,no_run,rs,no_run,rust,ignore,rs,ignore,rust,should_panic,rs,should_panic]
sas SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)
sass The Sass stylesheet language language (
scala The Scala programming language ( [aliases: scala]
scheme The Scheme variant of Lisp
scss SCSS stylesheets (
sed sed, the ultimate stream editor
shell Various shell languages, including sh and bash [aliases: bash,zsh,ksh,sh]
sieve mail filtering language
slice Specification Language for Ice (
slim The Slim template language
smalltalk The Smalltalk programming language [aliases: st,squeak]
smarty Smarty Template Engine [aliases: smarty]
sml Standard ML [aliases: ml]
solidity Solidity, an Ethereum smart contract programming language
sparql Semantic Query Language, for RDF data
sqf Status Quo Function, a Real Virtuality engine scripting language
sql Structured Query Language, for relational databases
ssh A lexer for SSH configuration files
stan Stan Modeling Language (
stata The Stata programming language (
supercollider A cross-platform interpreted programming language for sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, and realtime performance
svelte Svelte single-file components (
swift Multi paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple for iOS and OS X development. (
systemd A lexer for systemd unit files [aliases: unit-file]
syzlang Syscall description language used by syzkaller
syzprog Program description language used by syzkaller
tap Test Anything Protocol [aliases: tap]
tcl The Tool Command Language (
terraform Terraform HCL Interpolations [aliases: tf]
tex The TeX typesetting system [aliases: TeX,LaTeX,latex]
toml the TOML configuration format ( (
tsx TypeScript-compatible JSX (
ttcn3 The TTCN3 programming language (
tulip the tulip programming language ( [aliases: tulip]
turtle Terse RDF Triple Language, TriG
twig Twig template engine (
typescript TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript ( [aliases: ts]
vala A programming language similar to csharp.
vb Visual Basic [aliases: visualbasic]
vcl The configuration language for Varnish HTTP Cache ( [aliases: varnishconf,varnish]
velocity Velocity is a Java-based template engine (
verilog The System Verilog hardware description language
vhdl Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language
viml VimL, the scripting language for the Vim editor ( [aliases: vim,vimscript,ex]
vue Vue.js single-file components [aliases: vuejs]
wollok Wollok lang
xml <desc for="this-lexer">XML</desc>
xojo Xojo [aliases: realbasic]
xpath XML Path Language (XPath) 3.1
xquery XQuery 3.1: An XML Query Language
yaml Yaml Ain't Markup Language ( [aliases: yml,yml] yml]
yang Lexer for the YANG 1.1 modeling language (RFC7950)
zig The Zig programming language ( [aliases: zir]

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