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Jason Sjöbeck, 2009-07-12 20:49
just added a super short & simple note about adding fastCGI how to steps. thank you very much.

HowTo Install Redmine in a home directory on Debian

It seems that the version of Rails in Debian does not play well with Redmine. We will therefore use Debian packages for the basic Ruby and rubygems infrastructure, but install the remaining parts in a local home directory.


First, as root, run:

apt-get install ruby rake rubygems

You'll also want Ruby drivers for you databases, which are in one of these packages:

  • libpgsql-ruby for PostgreSQL
  • libmysql-ruby
  • libsqlite3-ruby

Configure your user environment

As an individual user, edit your ~/.bashrc file and add a line such as this:

export GEM_PATH=$HOME/gems

Log out and back on. Make sure your GEM_PATH is set:

echo $GEM_PATH

And make the directory for the gems:

mkdir ~/gems

Now, install rails:

gem install -i $GEM_PATH rails -y

Then proceed to the RedmineInstall instructions.

If you will be running this under FastCGI or some other environment, make sure the GEM_PATH gets passed along.

step-by-step how to for enabling fastCGI here)

Thanks to Eric Davis for help with this procedure.