Creating a tree-like custom query issue list

It can be somewhat confusing when you first start out with parent/subtasks as the Issue list's standard queries might sort and group in an order that is not fit for a tree-like view.

  1. Start out with the standard issue list "View all issues".
  2. Click the "Save"-button.
Now, this custom query dialog will provide you with a few options but most importantly
  • The first sort rule should be set to "Parent task", "Ascending".
  • You have to make sure the column "Subject" is visible.

This will make sure your issues are sorted in a parent/child relationship order, which is great for the presentation of related issues.

There is however a catch. If you add grouping or multiple sort orders, this will most likely break the "magic" behind the tree-like presentation, so experiment a lot with and see what fits you best!

Updated by Jonas Hellström almost 14 years ago · 1 revisions