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David Bronke, 2010-01-08 22:37
Minor correction to wording.

HowTo configure Redmine to mail to MS Exchange server

MS Exchange works the same way as other SMTP servers: just edit your config/email.yml file with your favorite text editor. Initially, the production section should look something like this:

delivery_method: :smtp
port: 25
authentication: :login
password: redmine

Usually MS Exchange will not require authentication information for outgoing (SMTP) email, so you can just comment out domain, authentication, user_name and password lines. Then, change address to point to the IP or DNS name of your Exchange server. (if using a DNS name, make sure your web server can resolve it using ping!)

delivery_method: :smtp
address: your_exchange_server_address
port: 25
#authentication: :login
#password: redmine

You may also have to change the port, depending on your Exchange server's configuration.

It should also be possible to allow outgoing email instead of just outgoing, by re-enabling the authentication and configuring the domain, username, and password correctly. However, this will require a separate email account to be created specifically for Redmine; you'll have to ask your Exchange server administrator about creating such an account.