Charts plugin

A Redmine plugin which integrates some project-based, time-tracking charts.


  • Maciej Szczytowski



  • many bug fixes (!#6, !#7, !#8, !#9, !#10)
  • new conditions (trackers, priorities, versions)
  • pages on deviations chart (!#5)
  • hours logged for project and not estimated issues on deviations chart

Latest release

The original version of the plugin is no longer available, however the most recent fork appears to be at


The Charts plugin integrates some project-based, time-tracking charts. Most of the charts provided by this plugin depend on issues which have a certain amount of estimated time set and logged spent-time (on plugins as well as on the project itself).

Chart types

In total four kinds of charts are provided by the plugin:
  1. Burndown
    • Timeline with estimated, logged and remaining hours.
  2. Logged hours ratio
    • Number of hours which were logged, proportional to total total, grouped and filtered by users, issues, activities, categories, version, priorities or trackers.
  3. Logged hours timeline
    • Timeline with logged hours, grouped and filtered by users, issues, activities, categories, version, priorities and trackers.
  4. Logged hours deviations
    • Ratio of logged and remaining hours to estimated hours for each estimated issue.


Burndown chart

Logged hours ratio chart

Logged hours timeline

Logged hours deviations


This plugin is compatible with Redmine 0.8.x as well as with the current Redmine trunk.


This plugin relies on the OpenFlashChart Rails plugin to render the charts. It can be installed into your Redmine instance using the following commands:

$ ./script/plugin install git://

In Windows
ruby script\plugin install


URL of the GitHub repository:

The source of this plugin can be "cloned" from the GitHub-repo using:

$ git clone vendor/plugins/redmine_charts


  1. Download the plugin from the available source (see "obtaining")
  2. Install the plugin as described at: (this plugin contains database migrations)
  3. Restart Redmine


After you have completed the installation of the plugin you can select which projects will actually be able to use the feature brought by the plugin by activating the plugin's module in the "project settings":

In the preferred Redmine project, go to the "Project settings":

  • On the "Modules" tab: enable the plugin-module by checking "Charts".

After that, a new item named "Charts" will show up in the project menu. Click on this item to see the project's charts.


  1. Backup the currently deployed Charts plugin (cp -r /vendor/plugins/redmine_charts /vendor/plugins/redmine_charts-backup)
  2. Reinstall the updated plugin:
    • using the command: git pull
  3. Restart your Redmine


  1. Remove the directory "redmine_charts" from the plugin-directory "../vendor/plugins"
  2. Restart Redmine


This plugin is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).


If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature you can open a new issue at the issue-tracking section of the plugins' GitHub site:
You can also post about the plugin in the dedicated plugin-section of the Redmine forums.

As an alternative you can also join the #redmine channel on the freenode IRC network to see if there is anyone who can provide some support.

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