ezSummary Plugin

ezSummary plugin can send issue status summary mail to people who can't see the issue but want to know things about that issue.

Current version: 0.0.1. ONLY compatible with Redmine last devel.


1. Add a 'Send Summary' button to issue's show page.
2. You can input email-address to send the summary mail.
3. You can modify the mail subject and add notes before the issue's summary info in the mail content.
4. Email address and notes will be saved and you can select them next time.

The plugin archive is attached here.
It can also be downloaded at github:


Plugin installation

1. Copy the plugin directory(redmine_ezsummary) into the vendor/plugins directory
NOTE: The plugin directory must be redmine_ezsummary!

2. Migrate plugin:
rake db:migrate_plugins

3. Start Redmine

4. In your project in Redmine, go to "Project settings" : On the "Modules" tab, enable the module by checking "EzSummary".

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