ezFAQ Plugin

A FAQ management plugin to collect the frequently asked questions.
Using ezFAQ, you can add a question, assign someone to answer it, or modify the answer, ezFAQ will record each modifications. ezFAQ will send notify email to the author and the assigned user. And in version 0.2.0, you can export faqs to pdf(both single faq and the faq list can be exported).
Current version: 0.3.4. ONLY compatible with Redmine last devel.
If you use redmine 0.8.3, please use ezFAQ at

New version notes (2011-06-01)

Dear all, this message is from original author Zou Chao Qun. For some reason, I am too busy to update this plugin. So many thanks to all of you who like this plugin.
I have found updating bug-fix version from kind Anson Chen at and from kind Furgas at github:
Please refer to their github page to find the latest one.


1. Ask question and request a user to answer it.
2. FAQ is grouped by categories.
3. FAQ's modification has history logs.
4. Send notify email to the author and the assigned user who should answer the question.
5. FAQ creation or update is added to redmine's activity.
6. FAQ and FAQ-list can be exported to PDF document.
7. FAQ are searchable using redmine's search engine.

The plugin archive is attached here.
It can also be downloaded at github:


Plugin installation

1. Copy the plugin directory(ezfaq_plugin) into the vendor/plugins directory
NOTE: The plugin directory must be ezfaq_plugin!

2. Migrate plugin:
rake db:migrate_plugins

3. Start Redmine

4. In your project in Redmine, go to "Project settings" : On the "Modules" tab, enable the module by checking "Ezfaq".


Since the plugin applies a patch to redmine core, it can only run properly under
production environment. When runs under development envrionment, the faq with attachments
will fail to show.

Redmine currently doesn't support plugin to extend its search scope, so you have to
modify redmine's search controller to search FAQ.
(Edit ln51 in search_controller.rb, add faqs to the @object_types)

Also see issue #3021

Using ezFAQ

  1. Registered users can add new faqs by click the 'New FAQ' link.
  2. Privileged users can modify faqs, modify faq categories by click the appropriate link.
  3. Privileged users can modify the FAQ list's note which will be displayed before the list and exported to the pdf document.
  4. When a faq is created and assigned to someone, the assigned user will receive a notify email to complete the answer.
  5. In faq list page and faq show page, use the export to pdf link to generate a pdf file.
  6. FAQ can be searched using redmine's search page. (See NOTE section)

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