I'm trying to get a presentation together for the FrOSCon and would like to gather topic ideas and maybe even work out the outline here with other redminers. The presentation time being 1 hour of which 15 minutes should be allocated to questions, I only have 45 minutes to present redmine, which I would consider a rather short timespan. Keeping that in mind, I won't be able to present every feature of redmine in detail and will try to highlight the areas in which redmine really shines.

I had some email contact with the FrOSCon people, and they pointed to khmarbaise's talk last year and asked if I could either shift the focus a little bit or go a little more in-depth. Considering we use redmine more for group management than project management, I'll focus more on that aspect.


  • I'll try to bring in my own experience, though I fear it is not that much a typical redmine usage.


What is Redmine? / What can it be used for? (5 minutes)

  • Redmine
    • Web software
    • Ruby on Rails
    • GPLv2
  • Usage
    • Software project, obviously
    • Group management, focus of the usage examples

Important features (15- minutes)

  • Issue management
    • Highly customizable (Statuses, tracker/workflow)
    • Categories
    • Versions
    • Issue relations
  • SCM integration
    • Repo browser/diff viewer/syntax highlighting/annotate
    • Automatic revision to issue linking
  • "Community" features
    • Wiki
    • Forums
    • News/Blog
  • "Software Management" Features
    • Time tracking
    • Files
    • Documents
  • Administration
    • RBAC
    • User management/LDAP
    • Per-project settings
    • Custom fields
  • OSS
    • Highly extensible (Plugins! show 2 examples, a simple one, a kick-ass one (looking at you Eric ;-) ))

Few usage examples (15+ minutes)

  • (Fachschaftsarbeit) Student union coordination
    • Planning and preliminary discussion of weekly meetings
    • Minutes
    • Other task tracking
  • (KIF) German-speaking sutdent unions conference
    • Same thing, bigger scope, heavier "community" usage
    • Subprojects (inheritance, issue list containing child projects, …)
    • KIF publication (next example)
  • Publication
    • Custom tracker + Workflow
    • SCM not limited to software

How do I get it? / What do I need for it? (5 minutes)

  • Get it
    • Download a packaged release
    • Download from git/svn
    • Download an stack installer
    • Download a virtual machine
    • Get a hosted offering
  • Needs (for ground-up installation)
    • Halfway recent ruby/rails stack (so not debian *coughs*)
    • Database (whatever floats your boat and works with rails, only mysql/pgsql/sqlite tested though)
    • Some frontend webserver is better (either reverse proxy, cgi or mod_passenger)
    • Some SCM software for SCM integration

Who am I? / Additional resources (5 minutes)

Q&A (15 minutes)

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