Keyboard Navigation


Some functions in Redmine can be accessed by a keyboard shortcut.
The shortcuts vary between browsers and operating systems:

Windows macOS Linux Comments
Chrome Alt Ctrl + Opt Alt + Shift Accesskeys 7 and 4 are not available for Windows and Linux
One should use Alt + Shift for the Accesskeys e and f
Firefox Alt + Shift Ctrl + Opt Alt + Shift
Safari -- Ctrl + Opt --
Edge Alt -- -- Accesskeys 7 is not available.

Accesskey overview

Key Description
7 Creates a new issue
n Moves forward through issue stacks, paginations and more...
p Moves backward through issue stacks, paginations and more...
e Jumps into the editor mode. (Issues, wiki, news )
f Jumps in the global quick search field
4 Opens the project search view

Creating a new issue

By using the accesskey 7, you can create a new issue from everywhere in a project.

Switch to the editor

You can switch to the editor by using the e key.
The accesskey is available for:
  • documents
  • issues
  • wiki pages
  • news entries

Moving back and forward

Use the keys n (next) or p (previous) to move through:
  • stacks of issues
  • lists with pagination
  • activity pages
  • month in the calendar view
  • periods in the gantt view
  • revisions in the repository

Search in Redmine

By using the f key, your cursor jumps directly into the search field in the top right of the header bar.
If you prefer the project search, you can open it with the accesskey 4.