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Emilio González Montaña, 2009-08-24 11:05

Project Activity

The Project Activity page will give an historical log of at least all activities which had happen in the given project.

This will include changes to
  • Bugs, Features, Patches
  • Checkins into the repository (Changesets)
  • News Area

The above things are shown by default. Never the less you can activate list of changes to the wiki or to the Forums area (Messages).

In the following list Issue is an placeholder for Defect, Feature or Patch:
  • A new Issue has been created.
  • Issue has been resolved.
  • The given issue has been closed.
  • A Note to the issue has been added.
  • This means a changeset has been commited to the repository.
  • News items has been added to the news area.
  • A message in the forum areas has been changed or added.
  • A Comment to a message in the forum has been added.
  • A wiki page has been edited or newly created.
  • A new file has been added or newly created in the files area.
  • A news document has been added or changed.
  • A new project has been added.

(TODO: Check attachment, and projects ?)

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