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Etienne Massip, 2013-04-24 09:50

Rake tasks


Redmine defines a set of Rake tasks for use in maintenance operations.

Information about tasks defined by the Ruby on Rails framework are accessible on the dedicated page.

Batch job tasks

rake redmine:attachments:prune

Applicable starting from version 2.3.0.

When a user attaches a file to an issue, a wiki page, etc., the file is immediately uploaded and is attached later on after the form has been submitted.

This task removes uploaded files left unattached (meaning the form has never been submitted) after one day.

rake redmine:email:read

Read an email from standard input.

rake redmine:email:receive_imap

Read emails from an IMAP server.

rake redmine:email:receive_pop3

Read emails from an POP3 server.

rake redmine:fetch_changesets

Fetch changesets from the repositories

rake redmine:send_reminders

Send reminders about issues due in the next days.
See: RedmineReminderEmails

rake redmine:tokens:prune

Removes expired tokens.

rake redmine:watchers:prune

Removes watchers from what they can no longer view.
Available in versions 2.3.0

Other maintenance tasks

rake generate_secret_token

Generates a secret token for the application.

rake db:encrypt and rake db:decrypt

Encrypts or decrypts SCM and LDAP passwords stored in the database.

rake redmine:attachments:move_to_subdirectories

Moves attachments stored at the root of the file directory (ie.
Available in versions 2.3.0

rake redmine:email:test[login]

Send a test email to the user with the provided login name

rake redmine:permissions

List all permissions and the actions registered with them

rake redmine:plugins

Migrates and copies plugins assets.

rake redmine:plugins:assets

Copies plugins assets into the public directory.

rake redmine:plugins:migrate

Migrates installed plugins.

Migrating from another BTS

rake redmine:migrate_from_mantis

Mantis migration script

rake redmine:migrate_from_trac

Trac migration script

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