Redmine Appliance

Manual installation of Redmine can be painful and time consuming, especially for users lacking technical proficiency. Many users find that using a pre-integrated software appliance is an easier way to get up and running with Redmine, especially in combination with virtual machine software (e.g., VMWare, VirtualBox, Xen HVM, KVM).

A software appliance is a pre-packaged server that allows users to skip manual installation of Redmine and its dependencies, and instead deploy a self-contained, ready-to-use system that requires little to no setup.

  • Dockerised Redmine from sameersbn - and forum on that and a less good docker image forum#43317
  • TurnKey Redmine: free lightweight Debian-based appliance that "just works". Deploys in minutes to a virtual machine, bare metal or in the cloud. Part of the TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library
  • Bitnami Redmine Stack: An installer that deploys Redmine natively on all major operating systems. Also deploys as a virtual machine and in the cloud.
  • Jetware Redmine constructor: free online constructor and appliances library providing virtual machines, cloud launch and installers that deploy Redmine on all Linux distributions.
  • Cloudogu EcoSystem: Open Source software development EcoSystem, based on containerized tools like Redmine, SCM-Manager, Jenkins and SonarQube

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