Using the REST API with Powershell


$Cred = Get-Credential

Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred
Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred
Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred

(Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred).issues
(Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred).projects
(Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred).versions

Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred -Method PUT -ContentType 'application/json' -Body '{"project": {"default_version_id": "398"}}'
Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred -Method PUT -ContentType 'application/json' -Body '{"project": {"default_version_id": "398"}}'

Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred -Method POST -ContentType 'application/json' -Body '{"version": {"name": "Test ver", "description": "Test version desc"}}'
Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred -Method POST -ContentType 'application/json' -Body '{"issue": {"project_id": 438, "subject": "test watchers", "watcher_user_ids": [7,11,110]}}'



New-RedmineResource project -identifier test99 -name testproject
New-RedmineResource version -project_id 475 -name testversion
New-RedmineResource issue -project_id test99 -subject testissue

Search-RedmineResource project -keyword testproject
Search-RedmineResource membership -project_id test99
Search-RedmineResource version -project_id test99 -keyword testversion 
Search-RedmineResource issue -keyword testissue
Search-RedmineResource user -keyword testuser # Administrator only

Get-RedmineResource project test99
Get-RedmineResource project 475
Get-RedmineResource membership 74
Get-RedmineResource version 408
Get-RedmineResource issue 29552
Get-RedmineResource user 20 # Administrator only

Edit-RedmineResource project -id test99 -description 'change description'
Edit-RedmineResource version -id 408 -description 'add desc' -due_date 2018-09-29
Edit-RedmineResource issue -id 29552 -version_id 406

Remove-RedmineResource issue 29552
Remove-RedmineResource version 408
Remove-RedmineResource project test99 # Administrator only
Remove-RedmineResource user 20 # Administrator only