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Constellation Media, 2010-04-14 17:45

Developer Meetings

  • Date: 2010-04-23, 18:00 GMT (still unclear, see the discussion in the forum thread)
  • Location: irc://

This page should help to organize and collaborate the (hopefully) regular developer meetings as proposed on When there the meeting passed, there should be some kind of minutes posted and the next meeting announced. Discussions should only be performed in the forums or in IRC. Please update this wiki page according to the latest settlements and proposals.

Proposed topics


Important Features

  • Rethinking Roles / Permissions
    • private Issues #337
  • official API for authentication plugins


  • Getting some informal teams started (e.g. documentation team, plugin team, LDAP team)
  • Getting some contributors to the official Redmine Blog
  • Moving forward on the official logo (forum thread: Redmine Logo?)
  • Defining & publicizing a clear mission statement for the project (it might exist but not enough people seem aware of it)


  • Taking themeing a further step forward
  • Making it easier to find and use plugins


IRC nick / real name Who are you?
Jean-Philippe Lang (?) Owner and Maintainer of Redmine
edavis10 / Eric Davis Core Contributor
thegcat / Felix Schäfer
jamesturnbull / James Turnbull
Khalsa / Khalsa Singh
meineerde / Holger Just Plugin developer. Interested in "enterprisy" features.
khaase / Konstantin Haase Plugin developer
Tohuw / Ron Adams Interested in documentation and development teams

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