Basecamp theme

This is a Redmine-port of the 37signals® Basecamp® theme which includes issuelist-colouring based on issue's priority.


Peter Theill.


The basecamp® theme is a Redmine-port of the famous 37signals® Basecamp® theme. It is derivated from the alternate theme but supports/includes most of recent changes in the default theme.

It's looks can be best described as a darker version of the default theme with some specific enhancements over the default theme. The colouring is mainly designed around the three default Basecamp® colours: black, grey and blue-ish.


Project Issuelist New Issue form
Project Issuelist Project New Issue Form
My page User Profile
My Page User Profile

Obtaining the theme

The theme can be downloaded as packaged releases as an attachment of this page or the latest version of the theme can be downloaded as an unpackaged application.css from the dedicated page provided by the author of this theme.


Follow the Redmine theme installation steps at:



  • [fixed] On the 'My Page' section the two left/right floating DIV-tags flow over the wrapping content DIV when you have a lot of content. This doesn't happen in IE only in Firefox and Chrome.
  • [improved] updated the theme to latest version of Redmine


  • Initial release...


The basecamp® theme is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).


Support is provided by the author of the theme itself. For getting help or discussing about the theme, you can browse the dedicated forum-thread.

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