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Purpose: Review subtasking: #443
Meeting held via: Skype
Date / Time: Tue May 11, 2010 21:00 UTC

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Skype nick Real Name
Shane Pearlman Shane Pearlman
zanuda13 Igor Balk
SikhNerd Muntek Singh
angelkbrown angel brown

Meeting went off well. Notes taken by Shane Pearlman

Action Items:


Meeting Goal Resources

Core Challenges Observed with Subtask Feature:

  1. subtask and relationship are being handled speperatly when they are really the same thing #5727
  2. parent task is not an available filter in the issue list #5728
  3. should be able to assign any relationship from new issue form (including subtask) but cannot #5727
  4. all relationships should be displayed in relationship box. Currently it only seems to show child issues in the subtask box while parent issues are displayed in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the issue. Suggestion to ditch breadcrumb trail and just show in relationship box. #5729
  5. breadcrumb trail is ugly and unclear. It should follow standard breadcrumb look / feel. Concern: highly nested tasks? Is it unlimited or is there a max: x levels? (If suggestion from #5 is vetoed) Breadcrumb trail should do the same visual treatment as subprojects. #5730
  6. there appears to be no way to make an existing issue a subtask of another issue #5731
  7. cannot change (move?) subtask from one parent issue to another. Should also be able to un-subtask an issue (make top level) #5732
  8. inheritance of time needs to be clear, either way we choose #5733
  9. inheritance of status needs to be clear, either way we choose #5734

Question: how much permission granularity should subtasks have - right now its just boolean - manage or not. We are ok with this, just wanted to note that it is a deviation from other permission patterns.

Suggested Topic for next meeting

Merge Files and Documents Features into one
initial recommendation - display files uploaded to issues in an organized manner in main files (media library)
initial recommendation - allow files uploaded to be tied to versions (handles requirement from other feature)

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