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Purpose: Review subtasking: #443
Meeting held via: Skype
Date / Time: Tue May 11, 2010 21:00 UTC

To join the meeting: add your name and skype ID below so Shane can invite you.

Skype nick Real Name
Shane Pearlman Shane Pearlman
zanuda13 Igor Balk
SikhNerd Muntek Singh
littlestreamsoftware Eric Davis

Meeting went off well. Notes taken by Shane Pearlman

Action Items:

  • Create wireframes of proposed UI for File System.


Meeting Goal Files / Documents
Uses - archiving, sharing, organizing
  • All docs / files including issues & wiki
  • No file version-ing
  • Attach a file to Version
  • Permission based upon sections you have access to (if you can see issues, you can files from issues..)
  • Thumbnails handled on the fly
  • Icons based upon file type
  • Category / Tag
  • Notifications (adom / rss feeds)
  • Comments
  • Meta:
    • File name
    • Upload date
    • Project
    • Uploaded By
    • Container
    • Size
    • Content Type
    • Description
    • Category
    • Tag
    • Downloads
Future features:
  • Download from url
  • S3 + other file systems support (hooks for plugins)
  • Multi file uploader (ajax)

Suggested Topic for next meeting

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