Jaco Vermeulen

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17:28 Redmine Feature #2870: Recursive download from the repository
+1 from me.
I have an html prototype and I would like for users to be able to download the entire folder at once.


23:02 Redmine Feature #4178: Optimize Redmine for any project, not just software dev (Change "Version" > "Miles...
I use redmine for more than software development too, so this would be a welcome change.
22:55 Redmine Feature #4350 (Closed): Multiple roles per user per project
It should be possible to assign multiple roles per user per project, since users can for example be both manager and ...
22:46 Redmine Feature #4349 (New): Choose startpage in My account
It would be nice if the starting page can be selected, a user could set his homepage to http://www.redmine.org/projec...

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