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Optimize Redmine for any project, not just software dev (Change "Version" > "Milestone")

Added by D W over 14 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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We're odd in that we use Redmine for a broad, all-purpose project tracking and client ticketing system rather than just a software development project manager. It works amazingly well for that but I found myself stealing glances at other products with a Milestone and Roadmap feature.

Then I remembered something about how if you define a Software "Version", a Roadmap tab will magically appear. All I had to do then was edit the english language file to change "Version" to the more generic "Milestone" and we now have an all-purpose PM system that can still be used for Revision #'s but also for projects that are not software dev! BTW,tThe Roadmap view to track milestones is fantastic.

If the goal is to position Redmine more broadly, I propose changing this naming convention or else make it a configurable option (e.g. checkbox in Setup to indidcate whether using it for Software Dev or General Purpose PM).

I also changed "Issue" to "Ticket" in the language file but I understand that one is more of a personal preference.

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Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #724: change "versions" to "milestones"New2008-02-22

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Updated by Holger Just over 14 years ago

At one of our sites, we also changed the language definition from version to milestone.

This however affects the Wiki and possibly other corners too, as it also uses :label_version et al. So a simple change in the language files is not globally sufficient. You have to add a new language definition for that and distinguish between the usage of "version" as a revision (e.g. in the wiki) or as a milestone (e.g. the roadmap).

I can provide a (preliminary) patch for this later on if desired.

Apart from that: +1 from me :)

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 14 years ago

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Updated by Jaco Vermeulen over 14 years ago

I use redmine for more than software development too, so this would be a welcome change.

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Updated by Nicolas Q. over 14 years ago

Agreed, this is one of the reasons why my non-technical colleagues perceive Redmine to be strictly for software development.

So, +1

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Updated by Eric Voisard over 14 years ago

I agree something could be done regarding the Version vs Milestone question.
This FR is very close to FR #724 'change "versions" to "milestones"':



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Updated by Etienne Massip over 12 years ago

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Closed as duplicate of #724.


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