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change "versions" to "milestones"

Added by chris mcharg over 16 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Redmine can be used for tracking in many different types of projects, but grouping tickets by "version" does not make sense in many situations. I feel that the term milestone is a lot more inclusive, allowing for more flexibility. Its easy to have a version/release as a milestone, but the opposite doesn't really make sense.

I think it would be great if "versions" could be renamed to "milestones."

"Versions" could be added as a separate item, but I guess it might not be needed as Redmine has custom fields.

This would help with #723 too.

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Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 16 years ago

I think you're right. But on the other side, Redmine is translatable, mean that you can change .yml files as you like.
If I want something like you, I change the .yml file. Thus everybody is pleased. :)


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Updated by chris mcharg over 16 years ago

Thanks for the respsose Nikolay.

I know what you mean about it being translatable, but shouldn't we aim for the best out of the box...?

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Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 16 years ago

I totally agree with you.
But "out of the box" is different for every user of Redmine.
There will be always people who don't like this or that label somewhere :)


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Updated by Henrique Bastos about 16 years ago

I made that translation, and the user experience is fine.
But, IMHO the Version in redmine works semantically as Milestones, so why don't just "fix it"? An enumerator custom field for Version works great.
Then it would be great if Sprints could extends Milestones. The difference is that Sprints can group issues from all projects or issues from a specific project tree (Base Proj, Sub Proj 1, Sub Proj 2...)

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Updated by Ве Fio over 15 years ago

Nikolay Solakov wrote:

I totally agree with you.
But "out of the box" is different for every user of Redmine.
There will be always people who don't like this or that label somewhere :)

Redmine is good for all kinds of projects. A version is a kind of milestone. A software developer knows this. But not all milestones are versions. I set up a project in a clumsy way because I ignored "Versions".

Trac has "Milestones" and "Versions". Redmine "Versions" are like Trac "Milestones". It can be confusing. Redmine sometimes talks about "milestones" too.

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Updated by Eric Voisard almost 15 years ago

I'm all for the differentiation between Versions and Milestones. Version really is software development specific, and the difference between Redmine and all other FOSS PMS is that it is more generic and more open to non-software projects. That's in my POW what make its power (and that's why we chose it).

Maybe versions and milestones are semantically the same things in software development, but version has no meaning in many other kinds of projects. A milestone is a place on a timeline (there's is a chronology). A version well is a version of something. There can be Version 1 and Version 2, but there can also be Version Lite and Version Premium...

Versions can be worked on in parallel while at some point you shouldn't change the early initiation phase of a project once you've reached its closing phase.

We use Redmine for software and non-software projects. Translating Version to Milestone wouldn't fit well with software projects, and Version doesn't fit well with non-software projects. To me, they really are different things...

Maybe I'm missing something about the usage of Versions in Redmine, but practically, I don't see how to properly handle the Milestones of a project with this functionality, and I don't think it's just a matter of naming...

There is an interesting discussion about that in the forum:
"Versions vs Milestones"

Redmine is great anyway! Thanks!

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Updated by Daniel Felix over 11 years ago


well I don't think that versions or milestones mutually exclude each others.

In my opinion, those are parallel or hierarchical items, which could extend each other quite good.

Some renaming could be done in each installation itself in your locals.

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Updated by Matthew Houston over 11 years ago

I see there are a couple of feature requests / threads relating to this particular functionality. I would also like to request it. The version functionality kind of fulfils what is required, though we don't use Redmine for software development at all the terminology really throws non-technical users.

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Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

Since I'm evangelizing it elsewhere, I'll do it here too: I'm proposing a major expansion of version functionality in Redmine that would address all the needs described in all of these different change requests, and then some. Have a look and let me know if it hits all the right spots! #13387

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Updated by Mischa The Evil over 9 years ago

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Updated by Ebrahim Mohammadi about 9 years ago

I wonder why such an obvious improvement hasn't been considered and applied yet.

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Updated by Robert Schneider about 9 years ago

Ebrahim Mohammadi wrote:

I wonder why such an obvious improvement hasn't been considered and applied yet.

True. Unfortunately, only few people know what happens behind the scenes...

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Updated by Go MAEDA about 8 years ago

  • Target version set to Candidate for next major release
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Updated by sabasa about 8 years ago


Please notice that milestone is a method of measuring the distance passed not the distance to be passed in a planed road map. Please refer to Wikipedia for more info.

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Updated by Robert Schneider almost 6 years ago

As much as I appreciate Redmine, I find it sad that such a tiny improvement does not get realized. "Next major release" for this feature request ... does that mean Redmine 5? That will take years...
Redmine really should get more developer resources somehow.

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Updated by Bernhard Rohloff almost 6 years ago

Depending on what you like to plan the one or the other could better fit your needs.
Version, Milestone, Sprint, Work package, it heavily depends on your type of project.
I'm afraid this will be an ongoing discussion far beyond Redmine 5.

A while ago I've proposed a perhaps more universial approach in #17907#note-9.

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Updated by Anonymous almost 6 years ago


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Updated by Martin Mayr-gebhard about 1 year ago



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