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14:55 Redmine Patch #730: Patch for #727 (new issue style)
Changing the class results in the change requested in #727.
chris mcharg


13:50 Redmine Feature #379: search in all project wikis simultanously
+1 for this feature.
Would be good if global search options were just like project search options.
chris mcharg
13:23 Redmine Patch #717 (Resolved): lang/ja: problem --> ticket
Thanks very much for that... much appreciated!
> Maybe there are some other Japanese translation which bring disco...
chris mcharg


15:42 Redmine Feature #742 (Closed): improved admin page navigation
Currently the admin section of redmine doesn't have any permanent navigation, context signals or exit routes.
How ...
chris mcharg
14:58 Redmine Patch #717: lang/ja: problem --> ticket
Thanks for the responses Satoru and Yasushi.
To add to what Yasushi said...
> 1. The word "Issue" is not "Ticke...
chris mcharg
04:12 Redmine Feature #741 (Closed): Description preview while editing an issue
Currently, the user can preview description/notes by clicking "Preview" at the bottom of the page. I think that there... chris mcharg


16:19 Redmine Feature #739: reply link after each existing ticket note
oops... subject should be: reply button/link after each *existing* note chris mcharg
16:04 Redmine Feature #739 (Closed): reply link after each existing ticket note
Currently, in order to add a note (comment) to a ticket, it is necessary to "Update the ticket". While I think its fi... chris mcharg
16:12 Redmine Feature #724: change "versions" to "milestones"
Thanks for the respsose Nikolay.
I know what you mean about it being translatable, but shouldn't we aim for the be...
chris mcharg
16:08 Redmine Patch #670: Duplicate issue links (update/edit/etc) at bottom of issue page
While this does help out with the stated problem, I think that it has the following issues:
* Only fixes one use ...
chris mcharg

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