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15:49 Redmine Wiki edit: DeRedmineUpgrade (#16)


08:17 Redmine Feature #5973: Ability to set project icons
+1 Would be really nice!


15:58 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Changing the project by email
If I get it right, the project of a ticket cannot be changed if the ticket already exists.
The function "issue_att...
15:17 Redmine Help: RE: Create issue via receiving emails (project_from_subaddress)
Propable too late, of course ...
I think a subadress cannot be any address. A valid subaddress could be @it+xxxxx@...


10:34 Redmine Open discussion: Does project sorting work for custom fields?
Before adding a new bug report, I'd like to ask if project sorting/grouping works for you.
If I'm on the projects ...


11:58 Redmine Help: RE: How to add tabs to a project?
Hello James, unfortunately not, or I cannot remember.


13:21 Redmine Feature #30459: Switch edit/preview tabs with keyboard shortcuts
Oh yes! It would be really helpful if this is possible again with wiki pages.
> The problem was that there can be ...


13:11 Redmine Feature #33153: UI feature to quickly change issue status
Hm... I always missed that feature.
However, it would be much better if the assignee could be set in the same ste...


08:43 Redmine Feature #32629: Add edit button to Wiki sidebar
Good idea. Small suggestion: If is not already considered: What do you think about that the Sidebar page contai...


09:38 Redmine Feature #32944 (Closed): Always preserve the tree structure in the project jump box
#31355 is really a nice thing. But one thing is a bit distracting: When a project gets to the list of recently used p...

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