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15:24 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
@pasquale : there is this plugin which is compatible with version 4.0:


09:45 Redmine Help: RE: Custom field: Ticket Priority
Wouldn't it be reasonable to remove it to clean up the code? It's the only thing that I have seen in Redmine that is ...


08:58 Redmine Defect #32765 (New): ##123 syntax for linking to issues: Title cannot be distinguished from follo...
Relates to #29488.
The displayed title of the linked issue has the same style as the normal text, what could lead ...


16:12 Redmine Help: RE: Custom field: Ticket Priority
Still unclear, who or what is using it. Anyway, there is a hint regarding that type:
13:28 Redmine Feature #30492: Replace RMagick with MiniMagick
If one could update the wiki regarding installation and upgrade, please. Are the devel packages of Image/GraphicsMagi...


09:11 Redmine Feature #31953 (New): Show creation date in project overview
In the administration area, the list of projects exposes the creation date, i.e. this information does already exist ...


16:35 Redmine Feature #31257 (Closed): Allow link name (masking the URL) in custom fields
Allow value like this
16:07 Redmine Patch #31256: german translation for missing parts
> Standard-Spalen in der Zeiten-Auflistung
A 't' is missing. A '-' is not necessarily required.
> Kein Tracker ...


09:22 Redmine Feature #17907: Give 'version' another meaning
Man... I would be glad if it could be implemented. Would be so useful! Couldn't it be considered?


09:00 Redmine Feature #724: change "versions" to "milestones"
As much as I appreciate Redmine, I find it sad that such a tiny improvement does not get realized. "Next major releas...

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