Create issue via receiving emails (project_from_subaddress)

Added by Christian Felix about 4 years ago


We are currently setting up the Receiving E-Mails feature (IMAP), to create issues in Redmine through receiving emails. We are using a Gmail business account for this. We have not setup any folders in that Gmail account but are using the labels Gmail provides instead.

Is there anyway to specify a label instead of a folder in the rake command?

I checked the documentation on this but did not find anything related to labels, only to folders, which we are not using.

//EDIT: We found our solution - We are using the `project_from_subaddress=` parameter to check a certain email now and add these to Redmine as an issue.

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RE: Create issue via receiving emails (Gmail labels) - Added by Christian Felix about 4 years ago


Unfortunately we are running into another problem. We are using the parameter "project_from_subaddress" and give the value "" - The project identifier is also "software-feedback" but when we run the rake command, it is not creating an issue in Redmine and just marks the email as read.

The main receiving mail address is "" and "" is an alias (sub address) for it. So in theory using the above parameter should create an issue in Redmine, or are we doing something wrong?


bundle exec rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" host=imap.domain.tld port=993 username=it@domain.tld password=userpassword ssl=true unknown_user=accept no_permission_check=1 project_from_subaddress="software-feedback@domain.tld" tracker=Protocol allow_override=project

If we specify a project in the command, it pulls all emails from the inbox and created issues for them in Redmine, but we only want the ones, which were sent to ""

Please can someone help us with this, as it is driving me bonkers already.

RE: Create issue via receiving emails (project_from_subaddress) - Added by Robert Schneider over 2 years ago

Propable too late, of course ...

I think a subadress cannot be any address. A valid subaddress could be it+xxxxx@domain.tld where xxxxx must be a project.