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10:06 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Time-keeping plugin or anything like that?
Perhaps GOYELLO's enhancements to Eric Davis' excellent *Stuff To Do* plugin would be sufficient for your needs?
Kevin Bosman


12:47 Redmine Feature #4667: Ability to link to a revision in a subprojects repository
I believe the patch in #4052 is what you are looking for? Kevin Bosman


07:59 Redmine Plugins: RE: Extended Schedules plugin with scheduling issues option
We're successfully using a modified redmine_goyello_schedules with current redmine trunk.
Try applying "thi...
Kevin Bosman


07:52 Redmine Help: RE: Display specific text for link to repository file
Take a look at the patch in Feature #4052 by William Baum - it includes functionality to do exactly what you're looki... Kevin Bosman


15:43 Redmine Defect #4495: Tab's 'border-bottom' not absent when selected (alternate)
Mischa is correct: this behaviour was introduced by r3174.
The attached patch (attachment:defect4495.patch) should f...
Kevin Bosman


07:05 Redmine Plugins: RE: Graphs plugin
Steve & Kunal,
All versions of IE, including IE8, are *not* by default capable of viewing SVG images. IE is the on...
Kevin Bosman


07:40 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
Shoaibi . wrote:
> and now i get
ActionView::TemplateError (wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)) on line #25 of ven...
Kevin Bosman
07:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: Backlogs plugin 0.0.1 (scrum/agile)
Shoaibi . wrote:
> When i click the "Backlogs" tab under a project first time i get an internal server error with th...
Kevin Bosman


00:39 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Scrumdashboard plugin
Shoaibi . wrote:
> I get an error when i try to install on Redmine 0.8.7
> [...]
You've installed the plugin int...
Kevin Bosman


13:49 Redmine Plugins: RE: Graphs plugin
Nanda Palaniswamy wrote:
> With the Updated stylesheets, When I try to view the Roadmap,
> On "Total issues vs....
Kevin Bosman

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