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Tab's 'border-bottom' not absent when selected (alternate)

Added by Felix Schäfer about 13 years ago. Updated about 13 years ago.

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Target version:0.9.1
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In current trunk, the selected tab in project settings or redmine settings has a visible border-bottom, which wasn't there some revisions ago. This is for the alternate theme and current trunk, although I have narrowed down the change to somewhere between r3140 and r3211.

defect4495.patch Magnifier - patch for bottom-border problem (1.75 KB) Kevin Bosman, 2010-01-10 15:43

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Revision 3325
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 13 years ago

Fixed: Tab's 'border-bottom' not absent when selected (#4495).


#1 Updated by Mischa The Evil about 13 years ago

I can confirm the issue using source:/trunk@3255 together with the default theme. I was able to trace it back to r3174.

#2 Updated by Eric Davis about 13 years ago

It's caused from this css:

#content .tabs {height: 2.6em; border-bottom: 1px solid #bbbbbb; margin-bottom:1.2em; position:relative; overflow:hidden;}

The tabs div has a bottom border that is visible above all of the tabs.

#3 Updated by Kevin Bosman about 13 years ago

Mischa is correct: this behaviour was introduced by r3174.
The attached patch (defect4495.patch) should fix the problem in the default and alternate themes for Firefox and IE on Windows.
I haven't been able to test it on any other browsers (volunteers?)

#4 Updated by Felix Schäfer about 13 years ago

Works on Safari/OS X (so probably every webkit browser) too, my css-foo isn't good enough to judge of the sanity of the patch though.

#5 Updated by Felix Schäfer about 13 years ago

(forgot to mention that I tested this on alternate, not default, but that should work on it as well)

#6 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 13 years ago

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I was aware of this issue but I didn't even try to fix it, thanks for the patch.
Tested on default theme with Firefox 3.5.7, IE 8 and committed in r3325.

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