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16:05 Redmine Feature #12704: Allow selecting subprojects on new issue form
Is there any chance of this making it into the main? With microservices and multiple interacting systems it is only n... Simon Cruise


22:02 Redmine Feature #6945: Add a voting system to help users help admins identify popular features/defects
+1 <- Feels awkward Simon Cruise
22:00 Redmine Feature #1011: Add voting to tickets
We have always performed prioritisation of issues politically within the business and weight each channel with import... Simon Cruise
21:52 Redmine Feature #24943 (Closed): Issue watchers to have groups in addition to users
Currently each user must be selected one by one to be added to a watcher list.
What I propose is that this list al...
Simon Cruise
21:43 Redmine Feature #24942 (Closed): Additional "Group by results" option for parent task
The way our issues are organised is that all issues belong to a parent task, each release has a parent for all of the... Simon Cruise

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