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15:57 Redmine Help: RE: need some help with accessing SVN repository over HTTPS
Is this the only fix for SVN over HTTPS at the moment?
I just hit the same problem, but I don't know if I want to ...
Matthew Williams


21:00 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
Add tagging support for projects as well. Being able to tag a project "opensource" versus "proprietary" along ...
Matthew Williams


14:31 Redmine Help: Configuring LDAP with many unknowns?
Good morning. We're looking to use Redmine for a few projects and to avoid giving our developers another username/pa... Matthew Williams


02:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: What's your Git workflow with Redmine?
Project created!
Nothing fancy yet, just displays repo in...
Matthew Williams


14:50 Redmine Open discussion: RE: What's your Git workflow with Redmine?
A plugin sounds fantastic. I don't know if and when I'll be able to start such a project. So if you want to spin so... Matthew Williams


16:32 Redmine Open discussion: RE: What's your Git workflow with Redmine?
Right now I'm simply setting up Redmine for individual Git repositories on a project basis. They're only accessible ... Matthew Williams


19:22 Redmine Open discussion: What's your Git workflow with Redmine?
I'm getting ready to integrate two fairly large Git repositories into Redmine.
I need to access these repositories...
Matthew Williams


17:16 Redmine Feature #1609 (Closed): Add Ruby 1.8.7 Support
With the recent exploits found in Ruby and other additions to 1.8.7 I think it would be extremely beneficial to get R... Matthew Williams


21:59 Redmine Help: RE: Some problems with svn repository
I found my issue to simply be an unsupported version of the Subversion client. I had to drop down to deve...
Matthew Williams
21:50 Redmine Defect #1604 (Closed): Provide a more meaningful error when running an earlier version of the svn client
When running a version of the svn client below the required version you're only presented with the following error:
Matthew Williams

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