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08:13 Redmine Defect #5024: Internal error after clicking on link to PDF Export
Thank you for your hard work~


05:26 Redmine Defect #5721 (Resolved): attachment filename Chinese garbled in using receiving mail to create issue


11:12 Redmine Patch #6053 (New): Fixed issue list context menu overflow
I found some content overflow when context submenu upto browser top.
see the screenshorts´╝Ü


12:15 Redmine Patch #5910: Chinese translation to redmine-1.0.0
I'm sorry for confusing you. This is whole zh.yml file.
02:49 Redmine Patch #5910: Chinese translation to redmine-1.0.0
Hi, Azamat:
I found r3893 override r3863.
Additional, fields that my above journal involved seems to doesn't com...


15:54 Redmine Patch #5910 (Reopened): Chinese translation to redmine-1.0.0
Thanks for your reminding! :-)
The following is the Chinese translation of field_principal...


10:27 Redmine Defect #5925 (Closed): parent task's priority edit should be disabled through shortcut menu in is...
When edit a parent task, the priority is disabled.
However, shortcut menu is allowed to edit pr...
10:14 Redmine Feature #5462: Blocking issues to be closed which have open subtasks
I think Redmine should block parent task to be closed when there are open subtasks.
09:51 Redmine Feature #5728: Parent task field should be made available as filter in the issue list
03:47 Redmine Patch #5910: Chinese translation to redmine-1.0.0
Please correct the following field:...

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