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19:47 Redmine Help: Patching a .rbfile help
I modified some files to correct a bug with the mail handler (mail_handler.rb file) according to this patch :
Fred B
17:49 Redmine Defect #19558: Mail handler should not ignore emails with x-auto-response-suppress header
I don't get this patch.. It turn the suppression from Out of Office to All?
In mailer.rb :...
Fred B


21:37 Redmine Feature #5577: Add Watcher based on issue category
Any idea how to get that working on Redmine 2.4.3? Fred B


22:58 Redmine Help: RE: Use same Wiki for multiple projects
Deoren Moor wrote:
> Depends on what exactly you mean. If you simply mean give users working in multiple projects ac...
Fred B


19:43 Redmine Help: RE: Use same Wiki for multiple projects
How can i do it? Fred B


22:37 Redmine Help: Use same Wiki for multiple projects
Is this possible? Fred B


22:14 Redmine Defect #25595 (Closed): Important usability bug - Too easy to delete issues
*Please do not delete it or mark it as duplicate!*
I know this has been discussed in other random issues here over...
Fred B


22:07 Redmine Feature #8568: add ability to designate default watchers by tracker/project
Zee Prime wrote:
> Here's what we're using:
> In Settings->Project, you can specify a role for the default watc...
Fred B
17:52 Redmine Open discussion: Installation on shared hosting?
Would it be possible to install Redmine on shared hosting. Most of them now have Ruby on rails. They often have SSH,... Fred B


18:13 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
Essential feature!
Anyone working on this?
Fred B

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