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08:39 Redmine Feature #2677: Show "unread" items in the issue list
Alexander Strunck wrote:
> I tried to install the mentioned plugin redmine_already_read, but it failed to get ...
Konstantin Tkachenko


12:46 Redmine Feature #12066: Don't show issues for closed projects in all issues list
I think it could be better to enable filtering by active or closed projects in the issues queries. Just as for the is... Konstantin Tkachenko
12:32 Redmine Development: RE: How to search issues by their historical status?
The backlogs plugin has solved that issue by patching the Issue class and maintaining additional History for the chan... Konstantin Tkachenko
12:14 Redmine Development: RE: How can i downgrade from 2.6 unstable to 2.6 stable?
You should better post to "Help forum" for that topic.
It depends on multiple factors:
- how did you get the redm...
Konstantin Tkachenko


15:58 Redmine Help: RE: Duplicate Commit Time Tracking for Git / Atlassian Stash
We have similar problem with subversion merges. The proposed commit message for the commit after merge contains all t... Konstantin Tkachenko
15:50 Redmine Patch #11898: Inheritable issue categories
I've applied and successfully use the patch in our production environment (Redmine svn 2.5-stable@13419).
The only i...
Konstantin Tkachenko


13:34 Redmine Help: RE: Change Repository URL without losing manual-added commit-issue references
We have the same issue, but with subversion.
Our solution till now was: not only to add relation between commit an...
Konstantin Tkachenko


12:12 Redmine Patch #18001 (New): Migration from highly customized Mantis 1.2.11 with inheritable categories in redmine
We are using Mantis in version 1.2.11 with inheritable versions and categories.
I've experienced a number of issu...
Konstantin Tkachenko


09:06 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.5.2 on openSuse 13.1, Ruby 2.0, Rails 3.2, Apache 2.4.6, MariaDB 5.5.33
I've had the same problem, but the idea with deaktivating tmp clean-up hasn't pleased me.
So I've added th...
Konstantin Tkachenko

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