Robert Korulczyk

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11:40 Redmine Feature #34714: Move delete button for issues and journals to the dropdown menu
> If you move the copy link out of the dropdown, the content of the dropdown will match between the journal and the i...


13:22 Redmine Patch #33968: Incorrect Polish translations
There is already #33361 with updated Polish translation, but without any attention from Redmine maintainers.


08:40 Redmine Feature #33884: Show "Due in X days" in email notifications
This may be confusing in some cases. If I read this email 2 days later, "due in 9 days" is misleading, since it shoul...


13:29 Redmine Feature #33835: Redmine links: Issues: add link for subject
This is already supported by:...


18:58 Redmine Patch #33361: Update Polish translation
Is there any problem with this patch? A month passed without any feedback.


21:51 Redmine Feature #33418: Bulk addition of related issues
+1. I miss this feature so much...


18:10 Redmine Patch #33361: Update Polish translation
Jerzy Wydra wrote:
> Which version of Redmine does it apply to?
It is based on trunk r19726.


13:39 Redmine Patch #33361 (New): Update Polish translation


15:18 Redmine Feature #2770: Display of inline attached images in email notification
Since now each user receives its own email message, it could be solved using tokens in URLs (similar as for atom feed...


11:22 Redmine Feature #29285: Add "Assign to me" shortcut to issue edit form
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Do users really need "Assign to me" link as well?
I would prefer "Assign to me" as button outsi...

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