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17:27 Redmine Patch #38523 (Closed): Polish translation update (r22231)
Robert Korulczyk
17:19 Redmine Feature #35432: Git: View annotation prior to the change
Go MAEDA wrote in #note-4:
> However, `blame` / `annotate` subcommand of other SCMs such as subversion doesn't give ...
Robert Korulczyk


08:29 Redmine Feature #38435: "contains any of" operator for text filters to perform OR search of multiple terms
I think there should be a way to search also by multiple multi-word phrases. For example issues with "closed issue" o... Robert Korulczyk


15:49 Redmine Patch #38328 (Closed): Polish translation update (r22133)
Robert Korulczyk


17:17 Redmine Patch #36493 (Reopened): Update Polish translation
Marcin Szewczyk wrote:
> There is a serious mistake in the translation - uppercase boolean values are inverted!
Robert Korulczyk


16:49 Redmine Patch #37526: Polish translation update
Fixed one typo. Robert Korulczyk
16:46 Redmine Patch #37526: Polish translation update
I'm attaching adjusted translations. Robert Korulczyk


12:11 Redmine Patch #37526: Polish translation update
I recently started to maintain Polish translations for Redmine and I have comments on some of these changes. PaweĊ‚ Ko... Robert Korulczyk


13:29 Redmine Feature #37512: Activation email rejected by Gmail
Looks like related to #37453 Robert Korulczyk


00:09 Redmine Defect #37453: No email sent to me from
Same here using Gmail mailbox - no email notifications since at least 2 months. There are no messages at all, even in... Robert Korulczyk

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