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06:04 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine boards/wiki/issues watchers management plugin
Frank Enders wrote:
> Thats a great plugin, thanks!
> Are there plans to make it compatible with Redmine 2.1.x?...
Alexander Kulemin
06:01 Redmine Plugins: RE: Можно ли ставить плагин низшей версии на высшую версию Redmine?
ну раз уже начали по-русски :) Обычно ничего не мешает, если не менялась версия rails. Например, с переходом 1.0 - 1.... Alexander Kulemin


07:57 Redmine Defect #9973 (Closed): Last string of messages with quotes
Redmine 1.2.0, text fornatter - textile.
If last string in issues comments is in quotes - only this will be saved, o...
Alexander Kulemin


11:11 Redmine Help: RE: Mail disformated
May be this ticket can help you: #8751. Alexander Kulemin


16:59 Redmine Help: LDAP auth without login screen
I have start to use LDAP auth (Active Directory), but users now must enter their domain login and password at the log... Alexander Kulemin


15:28 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
Roland Discein wrote:
> Are these issues privileges necessary? If not, fix this bug, please.
I deleted ...
Alexander Kulemin
04:40 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Closed Date
Luis Felipe Salin Monteiro wrote:
> I identified a problem. The plugin reset the closed date when an update is made ...
Alexander Kulemin


06:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Need plugin to email alerts if an issue hasn't been touched in X amount of days?
May be Redmine Whining plugin? (A plugin to send email alerts when an issue did not get udated since a certain amount... Alexander Kulemin


04:51 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Closed Date
Luis Felipe Salin Monteiro wrote:
> Hello Matheus,
> I installed your plugin, but I realized that it is not exp...
Alexander Kulemin


06:38 Redmine Plugins: RE: ToDo lists plugin
Quan Tong Anh wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried Todo lists plugin yesterday and happy with it. But I want to suggest so...
Alexander Kulemin

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