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02:45 Redmine Defect #3907 (Closed): Ticket grouping does not sort properly
The ticket grouping feature in Redmine's trunk seems quite broken at the moment - if I sort by "Tracker", I would exp... Tony Arnold


16:41 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine still thinks that it's running 0.8.0.devel.2786 (SVN trunk)
Perfect - that answers it. Thanks, Mischa! Tony Arnold


10:34 Redmine Help: Redmine still thinks that it's running 0.8.0.devel.2786 (SVN trunk)
My install of Redmine doesn't seem to have incremented to use the latest version number - I've followed the upgrade s... Tony Arnold


00:53 Redmine Defect #2473: Login and mail should not be case sensitive
Is this patch going to be included in the core redmine product? We're having problems with our LDAP logins at present... Tony Arnold


04:35 Redmine Help: RE: Custom folder for attachments. How?
But not the ideal answer to this problem - see #2231 Tony Arnold
04:32 Redmine Feature #2231 (Closed): Ability to specify where files are stored on the filesystem
I'm running Redmine using JRuby on Sun Application Server, and we're packaging Redmine as a WAR. It would make life m... Tony Arnold


11:03 Redmine Feature #1442: ICS generation
I'd go one step further than this, and request that any ics/ical formats are available for subscription from clients ... Tony Arnold


16:46 Redmine Defect #1350 (Closed): "Replies" should not be shown on forum threads that are locked
As per the title, if a discussion thread is locked the "Replies" heading should not be shown. Tony Arnold


17:27 Redmine Feature #1332 (Closed): User display/editing of custom fields attached to their user profile
It would be great to allow the user to modify custom fields (or to mark certain custom fields as "user controllable")... Tony Arnold
17:25 Redmine Feature #1331 (Closed): Allow logging of time via repository commits
It would be great to be able to log time using repository commits - this would mean less interruption to my existing ... Tony Arnold

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