Ami Desai

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07:23 Redmine Feature #19937 (New): Copy Time entry or make One Time entry for date range Redmine
It would be really great if we could copy time entries or make a single time entry for a date range rathe...


12:54 Redmine Feature #19934 (New): Hide log time entry block available in issue edit form when status is 'New'
Please kindly provide feature to hide log time entry block available in issue edit form when status is 'New' or depen...


12:34 Redmine Defect #19920 (Closed): Time entry view : Reports tab issue
Reports tab in time entry sometimes does not show entire data for spent time.
For example, if i search data for da...


07:35 Redmine Defect #19898 (Closed): Plugin Issue : Plugin redmine_Save_spent_time_entries not working for red...
Redmine does not provide any facility to save the spent time queries. So, i used this with Redmine's previous version...


08:28 Redmine Feature #10989: Prevent parent issue from being closed if a child issue is open
08:27 Redmine Feature #1380: Deleting an issue only marks it as being deleted
08:24 Redmine Feature #1767: Make spent time - & project custom fields configurable/switchable per project
+ 10
07:09 Redmine Feature #9734: Custom field , value list from database query
MUST wanted feature.
06:36 Redmine Feature #15180: Start date on versions
Still not available in version 3.0.
Please kindly include this feature soon.
06:17 Redmine Feature #19640 (New): Project version wise tracker
It would be great to have a feature such as it is already given for project itself.
We need feature to b...

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