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16:42 Redmine Wiki edit: FrRedmineInstall (#32)
Color coded syntax for SQL and YAML Hugues C.


03:58 Redmine Feature #5664: Copying documents too when copying a project
Isn't this a bug ? The expected behavior for the average user : copying a project means copying everything, not every... Hugues C.


14:34 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineTextFormattingMarkdown (#15)
fix "code highlighting" header Hugues C.


19:07 Redmine Defect #22006 (Closed): Fonts too small in version 3.2.0
Since upgrading to version *3.2.0*, we noticed that some email clients are receiving email notification with what app... Hugues C.
18:58 Redmine Feature #22001: PDF export wiki internal link
+1 Hugues C.
18:52 Redmine Feature #22005 (New): Rake task for converting from Textile to Markdown
It would be neat to have a [[redmine:RedmineRake]] to convert a _redmine_ installation from *Textile* to *Markdown*. ... Hugues C.


21:24 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineReminderEmails (#13)
Adding "bundle exec" in front of the command makes it more compatible across different systems Hugues C.
19:51 Redmine Patch #21487: Larger font for email notifications
It seems that this patch (r15026) results in fonts too big in some email clients (tested in latest Zimbra Web Client ... Hugues C.


21:56 Redmine Defect #18018: Project Sorting by Name broken (for large project lists) in v2.x
Toshi MARUYAMA wrote:
> If your project tree of Redmine 3.0 is broken, it was broken in Redmine 2.6.
Ok, thank ...
Hugues C.
18:36 Redmine Defect #18018: Project Sorting by Name broken (for large project lists) in v2.x
We are also seeing this issue, following a migration from *2.6.0* to *3.0.1*. Hugues C.

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