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12:42 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> Is there any specific reason for that..? I just turned off the HTML filter in my instance...
mc0e .


21:11 Redmine Feature #1183: add new tickets in the name of …
+1 from me too.
Clients commonly make requests in email or chat sessions, or submit a ticket which should really b...
mc0e .


18:44 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
Where this is considered experimental, are there known shortcomings, or is it just that issues may not yet have surfa... mc0e .
16:45 Redmine Feature #17792: Incoming and outgoing mails settings in redmine
+1 (I came here to submit much the same issue).
I've set up redmine via docker, using
mc0e .
16:36 Redmine Defect #10755: Why I got "Email has already been taken" message when creating new user?
+1. I had the same issue, but it was confusion on my part. Not a defect, but perhaps the situation could be better ... mc0e .

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