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16:37 Redmine Help: RE: Email Configuration Problems (Again)
I had this same Redmine error -- "An error occurred while sending mail (end of file reached)". I know, it's a very co...


19:13 Redmine Help: Missing /my/account pages
I am an admin user for a newly set-up Redmine repository for at work that is hosted on an Ubuntu Linux server...


16:41 Redmine Help: RE: Customizing the software defect form in Redmine?
Oh wait, duh, I think I found the answer I needed in the Redmine guide. I guess I need to RTFM first before asking mo...
15:58 Redmine Help: Customizing the software defect form in Redmine?
I was playing with the Turnkey implementation of Redmine, and I love the software defect feature of Redmine. However,...


17:48 Redmine Help: Redmine and Git newbie question
Hi there,
I've just set up a Git repository and my team is looking to use Redmine for our project management tool....

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