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08:01 Redmine Patch #4053 (Closed): default value of project jump box
I have 240 options in my project jump box.
This is annoy when I selected wrong project,
particularly the project lo...
Nobuhiro IMAI


05:43 Redmine Patch #3970 (Closed): [PATCH] proper content type for plain text mails
After r2887, all notification emails have Content-Type: multipart/alternative,
even if the setting of plain_text_mai...
Nobuhiro IMAI


19:18 Redmine Patch #3466 (Resolved): ja label for text_status_changed_by_changeset
Takuto Matsuu and Azamat Hackimov:
I confirmed this was included by the patch on #3865,
and applied at r2901, thank...
Nobuhiro IMAI
07:24 Redmine Patch #2059 (Reopened): broken subject when submitting issue via email written in japanese
The same problem is on the filename of attachment files.
Attached patch fixes this in a similar way to mail_hander_b...
Nobuhiro IMAI


05:06 Redmine Patch #3466 (Closed): ja label for text_status_changed_by_changeset
It seems that text_status_changed_by_changeset in ja.yml does not
contain spaces around {{value}} (other languages ...
Nobuhiro IMAI


17:58 Redmine Defect #1302 (Reopened): Log Time fieldset in IssueController#edit doesn't set default Activity as default
After this change, new TimeEntry is always saved with default ACTI, even when
the another activity_id was sent from ...
Nobuhiro IMAI

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