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01:28 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Commercial License
I too would like some clarification
We are interested in adding EC2 deployment and management tools to red-mine f...


02:36 Redmine Feature #1454 (New): Support repository syncing for new repository imports
When used with automatic repository creation mode, it would be a nice feature to have the repository generated using ...
02:29 Redmine Feature #1453 (New): Display "Repository is being created" status for pending repositories
When used with the automatic repository creation mode, there is currently no indication that the repository is waitin...
02:26 Redmine Feature #1452 (New): Automatic repository URL base
The repository registration system requires the user to enter the URL of a repository that has not yet been created, ...
02:23 Redmine Feature #1451 (New): Create Default Repository Read user
When using redmine with automatic repository creation, it would be convient if there was a default user credential th...
02:15 Redmine Feature #1450 (Closed): Automaticaly add project creator as manager
I have noticed an issue with automatic repository creation, if you have redmine setup to manage automatic creation of...

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