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09:14 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin
Thank you all for the feeback!
Unfortunately, I've changed my job recently, and I have no redmine instance at my new...
Anthony Paul


13:33 Redmine Help: RE: New users not in the members list
I've just noticed this...
Is there any chance that any of the solutions proposed by Leo would be implemented in a ne...
Anthony Paul


10:24 Redmine Plugins: RE: Delete project plugin

Hello Luis, and thank you for the feedback,
I totally didn't think about this (sorry!) so I really appreciate yo...
Anthony Paul


09:43 Redmine Patch #1998: Raise project-identifier length-limit from 20 to 30 characters
I actually patch the code to increase the identifier and name length to 255. It would be nice to have this featur...
Anthony Paul
09:36 Redmine Defect #5236: Can't browse SVN of private project w/o giving a login and pass in settings
Actually, I still have the problem and have to use the patches I attached above... Maybe it's a debian testing issue ... Anthony Paul


16:31 Redmine Patch #3358: Advanced LDAP authentication
Daniel Marczisovszky wrote:
> * ability to select protocol LDAPv2 or LDAPv3
> * connect using STARTTLS
> * selecti...
Anthony Paul


17:36 Redmine Help: Post authentication action (using hooks?)

Hi all,
I'm sorry to come back again with a hook problem. I saw many topics about it, but I'm still stuck...
Anthony Paul


15:57 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_List (#219)
added discussions link for delete project plugin Anthony Paul
15:38 Redmine Wiki edit: Plugin_List (#218)
adds "delete project plugin" Anthony Paul
15:50 Redmine Plugins: Delete project plugin
Hi all,
I wrote a plugin which adds an ACL to allow non-admin users to delete their projects.
Note that until you...
Anthony Paul

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