Post authentication action (using hooks?)

Added by Anthony Paul almost 13 years ago

Hi all,

I'm sorry to come back again with a hook problem. I saw many topics about it, but I'm still stuck...

I would like (in a plugin) to run some code after the user authentication. By now, I'm interested in 2 things:
1- I'd like to check if that authenticated user is a member of a specific project (and if he isn't, so I'd add him)
2- I'd also like to check if the user is part of some LDAP group (so I would avoid to modify the LDAP filter which is inside Redmine core)

I saw there is a hook named :controller_account_success_authentication_after. Sounds nice, but I don't know how to use it, even I looked in different messages on this forum such like or in well-known plugins (

As soon as I add something like:

# init.rb:

# lib/my_plugin.rb
   class MyPlugin < Redmine::Plugin::Hook::Base                                                                                             
     def self.test
       return flash[:error]= "test" 

Rails tells me "undefined method `add_hook'" (so it doesn't even have a look in lib/my_plugin.rb)

I can't find some "easy to understand" example, especially I don't know if "hooks" would help me to do what I want...

Thanks for any clue or idea...

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RE: Post authentication action (using hooks?) - Added by Felix Schäfer almost 13 years ago

I think the hook yould help, but you are using it wrong :-) See if you can get a hold of Eric Davis (edavis10) on IRC, he will be able to help.