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00:45 Redmine Feature #32543: Ability to choose home page after login
Simplest solution I can think of is to bookmark 'My Page' in your browser.
Launch Redmine from the boomkmark.
Dominik Ras


09:50 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Product management in redmine
This site, is the closest example of Product Management use. If you look around in Roadmap and News you'l... Dominik Ras
09:41 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How copy/paste an image in a message
I'd recommend a adding #Redmine plug-in "Attach image from clipboard" Dominik Ras


19:00 Redmine Feature #32399: Drop support for migrating from Trac or Mantins
It's time to move on.
Any open items can still be at least partially serviced via CSV imports.
Dominik Ras


10:23 Redmine Patch #32196: Allow import time entries for other users
+1 for option 2
+100 for the whole concept of adding time for *other* users (with sufficient permissions!!). That ...
Dominik Ras
10:14 Redmine Feature #12677: Private attachments for issues
+1 Dominik Ras
08:31 Redmine Feature #32372: Preview the file content when importing CSV file
I'd say don't burn your time on features like that. What value could that bring to the the people who process those i... Dominik Ras


00:30 Redmine Feature #29482: Query system for Projects page
Zbigniew Nowacki wrote:
> +1
> This is a very useful feature.
I second that!!
I'm on the same page with M...
Dominik Ras
00:04 Redmine Feature #32306: Add a link to projects administration page on projects page
Cool. That should clear things up a bit. I cought myself wandering in 'wrong' projects screen many times. That link s... Dominik Ras


23:56 Redmine Feature #32360: Option to show only open or closed issues in Roadmap
That seems like super specific feature. I think you're misusing the Roadmap tab if you're searching for a list of ope... Dominik Ras

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